SpoilerAlert: Prema Entha Maduram Today’s Episode April 8: Anu Gets Shocked

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Anu asks Arya’s permission to eat the sweet. Arya tries to feed her the sweet, just then Meera enters the scene. She gets annoyed as Arya secretly feeds Anu the sweet. Later Raghupati anonymously sends Arya and Anu’s photos to Meera, who gets shocked to see them being close and questions him. 

Raghupati explains the truth, and Meera recites him a plan to target Anu and scare her. While Anu is at the office, Raghupati sends the photos to Anu. Anu panics on seeing the pictures and calls him. In a disguised voice, Raghupati tells Anu that he has sent the photos to her house for Subbu to see. 

Anu becomes tensed and rushes out of the office to prevent the worst from happening. Meanwhile, Subbu and Padma receive a parcel. Will Anu get exposed is to be watched in the episode.

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