SpoilerAlert: Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode April 22: Sharada Devi Leaves Meera Shocked

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Neeraj gets angry at Mansi for being relaxed about what happened at the party. He later tells Mansi that Sharada Devi did not have dinner. Mansi assures Neeraj and makes her mother-in-law eat dinner. She pacifies upset Sharada Devi by telling her that Arya will have a very decent woman in his life.

Sharada Devi also realises that Meera is not the girl he likes. Later, Sharada Devi talks to Meera and learns that Meera has been working with Arya for many years. Assuming Meera knows who Arya likes, Sharada Devi asks her to find out about the woman in Arya’s heart, leaving her shocked.

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Meera tells Sharada Devi that Aryavardhan is hard to understand but she assures her that she would make an attempt to find out about the girl.

Raghupati and Rajini rejoice in seeing Arya and Meera’s picture in the newspaper. They feel elated about keeping Anu away from AryaVardhan. Meanwhile, Arya is disappointed with Anu, and Anu feels guilty about hurting Arya. Will Anu be able to explain to Arya about the sari launch is to be watched in the next episode. 

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