Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 3: Anu Looks Gorgeous In Traditional Attire

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A disturbed Arya goes to his guesthouse to spend some alone time. With Neeraj’s approval of her idea, Anu wears a traditional sari and gets ready with Padma’s help.  Anu's mother advises her to wear the necklace set that Sharada Devi had gifted her.

Sharada Devi performs pooja on the occasion of Ugadi. She asks Mansi to distribute Ugadi pachadi to everyone in the house. Sharada Devi later takes the holy water given by the priest and sprinkles it in every inch of the house.

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Meanwhile, she goes to Arya's room and finds out that Anu is the one who Arya loves. Sharada Devi feels elated after learning that her decision of giving the necklace was right.  Later, Neeraj calls Anu to know about the arrangements of the event in the office.

Anu tells Neeraj that everything is right and all arrangements are made perfectly for the event. Anu learns that Arya went to the guesthouse to rest. What will Anu do to make Arya come to the event is to be watched in the episode. 

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