Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 18 2021: Will Arya Sign Lily Garden Document?

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Sharadadevi tells Mansi that Anu has been discharged from the hospital. Mansi feels happy and asks Sharada Devi if they can visit her house. But Meera gives some excuse and stops them from going to Anu's house. Meera feels relaxed as she stopped them from visiting Anu.

Jhende and Aryavardhan go to Lilly garden and search for Jalandhar. Meanwhile, Jalandhar himself phones Aryavardhan and threatens to get the Lilly garden property under his name. He warns Arya about Anu.

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While Meera is drinking coffee, Mansi observes her and tries to disturb her. She warns her that coffee has many side effects and it brings frustration to her. She later tells Meera that she dreamt of Meera showing immense respect to Anu. Meera gets annoyed at Mansi's behaviour.

Jalandhar informs his assistant Sharma about the documents and sends him to Lilly garden. Jhende asks Arya to think about the property and also about saving Anu from Jalandhar. Sharma reaches Lilly garden and asks Arya to sign on the document and save Arya. What will Arya do has to be watched in the next episode.

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