Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 14: Sharada Devi Worried About Anu

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Arya tries to communicate with an unconscious Anu saying that he would tell her the truth about Rajanandini. Meanwhile, Neeraj checks on Mansi. She feels bad as her husband did not come on the tour with her. But Neeraj surprises her with a cup which was broken by Arya. Mansi feels happy on seeing the cup.

Later, Neeraj tells that the cup was fixed by Arya and Mansi feels guilty about her words. She asks Neeraj to find his lover and bring her to the house. Mansi suspects that Arya loves Anu.

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Mansi asks her husband to take her to Anu's house to learn about their love. But Neeraj suggests inviting Anu to their house.

Meanwhile, Mansi finds Sharada Devi worried and asks her about it. She tells that Anu has been missing since morning. Neeraj and Mansi scold Meera for not telling them about Anu. Later, Jhende and Arya come home and Arya tells them that Anu is fine. But Jhende tells them Anu is in the hospital. Sharada Devi and Mansi get worried about Anu and decide to go to the hospital. Will they visit Anu at the hospital is to be watched in the episode. 

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