Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 11: Arya In Search Of Anu

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Arya feels tensed as he suspects that Anu had gone to Lilly garden to know about Rajanandini. Jhende assures him not to be afraid and says that he will check out what happened.

Subbu gets worried as Anu’s phone is unreachable and she is nowhere to be found. Worried about her, Subbu goes to Arya’s house. The security guard stops him but Subbu barges into Aryavardhan's house.

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Meera stops Subbu and scolds him as he has no manners of how to behave with Aryavardhan. She annoys Subbu saying Arya is not a security guard to know where Anu went. Meanwhile, Sharada Devi comes and Subbu tells her that Anu is missing. Sharada Devi gives assurance to Subbu and informs Arya about Anu’s disappearance.

Arya starts searching for Anu at Lilly Garden and finds her mobile phone. He then explores the place thoroughly hoping to find Anu, while feeling disturbed about his past with Lilly Garden. Will Arya be able to find Anu is to be watched in the next episode.

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