Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 10: Arya Disappoints Meera

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Jogamma tells Sharada Devi that Anu will visit her home, but warns that their love should not be their obstruction. Jogamma suggests clearing the misunderstandings and secrets between them.

Subbu sounds tense as Anu's phone is not reachable. He asks Ramya if she knows about Anu. She tells that Anu took leave from the office saying she had some important work. Meanwhile, Rajini and Raghupati keep embarrassing Subbu in Anu's matter. Subbu, Padma, Ramya and Sampath goes in search of Anu.

But Anu goes in search of Lilly garden and its flashback. But after stepping into the entrance, she loses her consciousness there.

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Meera visits Arya Vardhan's cabin and gets angry that no one is considering Arya's personal space. But Arya tells he found someone to look after his personal responsibilities and suggests looking after her own happiness and asks her to take care of her future.

Jhende comes to Arya and gives him a pen drive which has all types of proposals and asks him to take a look at them to propose Anu. Arya decides to tell Anu about Rajanandini and his flashback before Anu discovers the truth herself. Then he learns that Anu is on leave. Will Arya learn about Anu going to Lilly garden is to be watched in the episode

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