Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode July 8: Arya Proves His Love For Anu 

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Subbu decides to leave the house with his family. However, he is shocked after seeing Arya in front of the house. When Subbu shuts the door on Arya’s face, Arya tries to clarify the situation and says that he has come to seek Subbu’s forgiveness.

When Padma feels emotional watching Arya and tries to open the door, Subbu blackmails her and warns her agianst opening it. Arya decides to stand outside the house and refuses to move until Subbu hears him out. He asks Subbu to accept his apology.

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Meanwhile, Sharada Devi worries about Arya as his health condition is not good. Mansi tells her mother-in-law that they should go to Subbu’s house and convince the family about Anu-Arya’s marriage. However, Sharada Devi refuses to go and asks Jhende to support Arya.

Concerned about Arya, Padma and Anu request him to return to his home. However, Arya remains adamant and doesn’t budge despite getting drowned in the rain. Will Subbu forgive Arya and seek his apology is to be watched in the episode.

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