Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 14: Subbu To Know About Arya and Rajanandini

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After Subbu sees Rajanandini photo, he is shocked on seeing Sharada Devi there. Sharada Devi panics as she cannot face the situation. Subbu questions Sharada Devi as to why she is not attending Anu’s Puja. He asks her when will Arya come to attend the puja.

Sharada Devi is dismayed to realize that Rajanandini’s soul is still chasing something. Later, she decides to tell Subbu the truth. However, Jhende cooks up a story for Subbu. Later, Jhende is worried about Subbu seeing Arya at the temple. He diverts Subbu and tries to convince Arya to move to another place, but Arya doesn’t budge.

Arya gets angry when Jhende pesters him to quickly finish the ritual. Jhende ensures that Subbu doesn’t spot Arya. Anu feels bad as Arya doesn’t make it for the Puja, while Ramya tries to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Jhende pleads with Arya not to attend Anu’s puja as it will lead to the revelation of his past. Later, Arya feels guilty for not keeping his promise to Anu. How will Anu react to Arya’s irresponsible nature is to be watched in the next episode.

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