Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode April 28: Sharada Devi Gifts Expensive Necklace To Anu

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Raghupati informs Meera about Sharada Devi's visit to Anu's house. Meantime, Meera suspects if Sharada Devi's visit to Anu has anything to do with her marriage to Arya. Anu and Subbu's wife get elated on seeing Sharada Devi. The duo praise her simplicity 

Meanwhile, Subbu's wife asks Sharada Devi to have something, but Sharada politely declines and requests a glass of water. Sharada Devi admits that she felt happy after spending time with Anu.

Later, Sharada Devi gifts Anu the jewellery she had carried. Anu and her mother refuse to take it as they are already overwhelmed by Sharada Devi's visit to their house. 

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But, Sharada Devi asks them to accept the jewellery as part of the tradition. Then, Anu accepts the gift after her mother asks her to take it. Sharada Devi advises Anu not to worry about any issue and assures her that everything will be fine soon. 

Arya gets irritated with Meera thinking about Anu. Meanwhile, Anu realises that the necklace given by Sharada Devi was at once offered by Aryavardhan. She immediately phones Sharada Devi to return the gift she gave her. Will Sharada Devi take back the necklace is to be watched in the episode.

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