Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode April 15: Arya's Closeness To Anu Shocks Meera 

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Arya calls Raghupati and makes him realize that if he shows the photos to Subbu, it will have a positive impact on him. Raghupati gets tensed as Arya gives him a warning. Later, Anu apologises to Arya for disappointing him and tells him that she does not deserve to come to the function. 

Anu feels so happy when Arya gives her the saree that she wants to get it made for Aryavardhan’s mother. He tells Anu how he got the first production of saree stock ready without her knowledge and asks her to attend the function wearing that saree.

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Meanwhile, Jhende tells Meera that Arya helped Anu in getting the sarees ready for the launch. Meera gets shocked and calls Raghupati to enquire about what happened. 

Anu returns home and shares her happiness with Padma and Subbu. She then shows them the saree that Arya gave her. Padma and Subbu decide to accompany Anu to Sharada Devi’s birthday function. Will Anu wear the saree and attend the function is to be watched in the next episode.

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