Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode April 26: Will Subbu Know About Anu’s Love?

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With Arya's permission, Anu gets into the car and tries to talk to him. She tells Swetha that she has a good friend who forgives her easily but feels bad that Arya did not forgive her. Later, Arya gestures to Anu to get down from the car.

Arya, after coming home, writes about his disappointment in a mood diary. Sharada Devi asks her son not to misunderstand the girl he loves. She advises him to accept the mistake and forgive Anu if he really loves her.

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Anu shares her pain with Ramya and Sampath. Subbu overhears this conversation. He questions them about the conversation they had. Ramya tries to cover up the situation and mislead Subbu. After Ramya and Sampath leave, Subbu advises Anu to talk to their parents about the love matter if it is true.

While having breakfast, Arya accidentally breaks the gift that Mansi gave Neeraj. How Mansi reacts after learning that her gift is broken is to be watched in the episode.

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