Spoiler Alert: Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode April 20: Arya Hurt, Anu Heartbroken 

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Jhende kickstarts Sharada Devi’s birthday function with a short speech. Arya talks greatly of Sharada Devi. As he is about to announce Anu’s name to launch the saris, he gets shocked on seeing Meera wearing Anu’s sari and Anu shows up in a modern dress. As Arya goes to them, Jende becomes curious about Arya’s decision.

After careful consideration, Arya grabs Meera’s hand and makes her the representative of Nandini Textiles, shocking Anu. Arya says that Anu has lost the right to come up on stage as she broke his trust.

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As Anu tries to explain what happened in the room, Arya refuses to listen and orders her to leave. Arya takes Meera on to the stage, leaving his family surprised. Mansi fears that Meera is the woman whom Arya loves.

Meera officially announces the launch of Nandini Textiles’ newly designed saris. Anu feels heartbroken as she had hoped to be there with Arya at the time of launch. Later, Sharada Devi cuts her birthday cake. When she asks Arya to reveal whom he loves, what will he do is to be watched in the episode.

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