Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode April 17: Will Arya Reveal His Heart To Anu?

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Meera reprimands one of the decorators for making Anu work. Meera then tells Anu that a person’s appearance and dress sense is important and that they should resemble Arya’s company standards.

Sharada Devi reaches the function hall and everyone says that the decoration is done well. Mansi feels excited to meet the woman Arya loves.

While Anu works on the arrangements, Anu senses Arya’s presence and feels surprised as he shows up. Anu praises Arya’s looks and says that he seems to be excited.

Arya tells Anu that he will introduce her to Sharada Devi and reveal everything that he always wanted to express.

Padma gets annoyed as she can’t find anything good enough to wear for the function. She then decides to wear her wedding sari. Raghupati tells Rajini that Arya will be announcing Anu as his fiancée during the sari launch.

Rajini then plans to prevent Padma and Subbu from going to the function. Will Rajini succeed in preventing them from attending the function is to be watched in the episode.

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