Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 6: Sharada Devi Slams Jhende

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Neeraj returns home and shows pictures of the traditional day to Sharada Devi. Sharada Devi is relieved to learn that Anu and Arya reconciled. Arya comes home and hesitantly asks Sharada Devi about going to Anu’s house.

Sharada Devi lies that she will be going to Anu’s house the next day to get the necklace back from Anu. Arya disapproves of it but doesn’t open up about loving Anu. Sharada Devi questions him for caring about Anu’s feelings.

Sharada Devi confronts Jhende for not telling her that Arya loves Anu. Jhende says that he was against their relationship initially, but has accepted it now. Sharada Devi is eager to talk to Anu’s parents about their marriage. But, Jhende stops Sharada Devi and says that Arya will do it on his own after getting over his past.

The mysterious file which made Anu faint and transform into Rajanandini finds its way to Anu again while she researches about Rajanandini textiles in the stock room. Will Anu succeed in knowing about Rajanandini is to be watched in the next episode.

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