Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode May 7: Yogi's Behaviour Hurts Urmila 

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Janaki sits on a separate bed arranged for them. Rama Chandra apologises for making Jaanu uncomfortable by letting his mother in their bedroom. Janaki praises Rama for letting Jnanamba in the room as she was injured.

Later, Jaanu tells him that she wants to change her dress. Rama shows her the room where her clothes are placed. But Jaanu returns without changing as she forgets the key for the suitcase.

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Meanwhile, Kanna Babu and his friends decide to attack Jnanamba's house. Sulochana Devi stops them and warns her son asking them to stop making plans against Jnanamba.

On the other hand, Urmila asks Yogi to go to Janaki's house. Yogi scolds her and tell her that Janaki can manage all the stuff as she is well educated. Yogi's cold-hearted behaviour hurts Urmila.

The next morning, Jnanamba finds everyone sleeping. Everyone wakes up on hearing Jnanamba's voice, but Mallika doesn't. Later, Jnanamba finds Janaki too is still sleeping. What does she tell Jaanu is to be watched in the episode. 

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