Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode May 6: First Night Mishap 

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After giving milk to Rama Chandra, Jnanamba gets injured as she rams into the door. Rama Chandra immediately runs to his mother and tries to make her walk. But Jnanamba is unable to move because of her severe injury. So, Rama takes her to his room. He asks Vennela to bring oil from the kitchen.

Rama Chandra takes care of his injured mother, leaving Janaki aside. Jnanamba feels embarrassed for being in the bedroom of newly-wed couple. She tries to go out, but her leg hurts so bad that she can't do it. So, Rama tells his mother to stay in that room only.

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Meanwhile, Rama's father asks Mallika and Vennela to arrange a bed for Rama Chandra and Janaki. Mallika asks Jaanu to adjust with them and sleep. A confused Janaki sits beside Mallika.

Chandu's friends ask him to attack Rama Chandra as he married Janaki. Chandu gets carried away by his friends' words in an inebriated state.

Meanwhile, Jaanu's father-in-law who observes Jaanu, shouts at Chikitha to arrange a separate room for Rama and Jaanu. Will Janaki get time to talk to Rama Chandra is to be watched in the episode. 

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