Spoiler Alert: Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode May 17: Mallika Finds Jaanu's Books

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Janaki and Rama Chandra go to tge temple to perform a pooja. After the darshan of God, Rama asks Jaanu to sit in the temple for some time. Meanwhile, a couple comes and gives a food order to Rama from his sweet shop. The priest comes to Janaki with an English newspaper and asks her about some news written in the paper.

Janaki reads the newspaper and explains it to the priest. When Rama comes back to Jaanu, she fears that he would know about her education. But Rama asks her about her injury.

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Later, while returning home, Janaki sees an ice cream shop and tells Rama to stop the bike. She buys ice cream and gives them to the poor children playing there and feels happy. Rama becomes joyful after seeing her kindness.

Mallika, while cleaning the room comes across books in Janaki's suitcase. She reads IPS on the books and she decides to make Jaanu bad in front of family members. She then calls everyone in the family and shows the books to them. Will Jnanamba know about Janaki's educational qualification is to be watched in the next episode.

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