Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode August 30: Rakhi Celebrations At Jnanamba’s House

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After a lot of hard work, Jnanamba’s family will be able to complete the order that they received. However, Mallika feels disappointed as none of her plans turned out to distract Janaki and Rama Chandra from making the order.

Later, Jnanamba appreciates Janaki for successfully completing the order with her intelligence. Rama slips his tongue that Janaki performed well because she is educated. However, he covers the matter saying that she had studied life.

The next morning, Jnanamba calls everyone to celebrate Raksha Bandhan festival. When Mallika stops her husband not to go immediately, Vishnu scolds her and come to the hall. Meanwhile, Jnanamba asks about Janaki not attending the celebrations.

Later, Rama goes and calls her out and then starts the festival. Vennela ties Rakhi to Rama Chandra and she gets a present from her brother. When she is about to tie Rakhi to Vishnu, Mallika advises him not to give more money as a token of gift to Vennela. Will Vishnu follow Mallika’s suggestion is to be watched in the next episode.

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