Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode August 11: Rama's Secret Meeting With Janaki

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As Rama Chandra feels sad thinking of Janaki's situation in karkhana, Jnanamba comes there and talk with Rama. She explains that the mistake was done by Mallika and she knew it. When Rama gets puzzled, Jnanamba tells him that she intentionally sent Janaki to karkhana. 

Meanwhile, Janaki studies while Mallika is sleeping. They listen to a knock on the door and Mallika gets afraid. Janaki opens the door and finds Rama standing infront of her. She warns Rama to leave the place and go home. 

But Rama calls Janaki and puts some ointment on her wounds. Janaki feels elated seeing Rama Chandra's love towards her. After some time Janaki and Rama go near karkhana and talk with each other. Then, Mallika wakes up and calls Janaki. 

Rama and Jaanu sleep under the same blanket. Mallika then observes that Rama secretly met Janaki. Will Mallika tell Jnanamba about Rama coming to Karkhana is to be watched in the episode.

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