Spoiler Alert: Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode: Will Jnanamba Find Out About Jaanu's Exam?

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Wedding rituals start in Janaki and Rama Chandra’s households. After having Mangalsnanam (Holy bath), Janaki gets ready and leaves home to write her supplementary exam. Jnanamba decides to give some jewellery and stuff as a part of their tradition to the bride.

So, Jnanamba decides to visit Janaki’s home to deliver the things. Meanwhile, Yogi asks Urmila about Jaanu. She explains that Janaki has gone to write the supplementary exam. Yogi gets tensed as Jnanamba may come anytime.

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Meanwhile, Jnanamba comes and Yogi hides the truth about Janaki’s education. He tells that Jaanu has gone to a temple for a Pooja. The priest sees Janaki coming home from outside and asks where is she coming from. Janaki replies that she is coming from the exam centre.

The priest understands that Janaki is educated and tries to cover the situation that he was there with Jaanu in the temple. Jaanu gets shocked as her brother hides about her exam. How will Jaanu react to this situation is to be watched in the next episode. 

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