Spoiler Alert: Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode April 13: Yogi Call On Jaanu’s Marriage

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Yogi gets their Visas and shows them to Urmila. Urmila gets angry and tells Yogi that she will not come with him. She reminds him of Janaki’s responsibility. Then, Yogi reaches out to Sunanda to talk about the Marriage alliance for Jaanu.

But, Sunanda embarrasses Yogi as they first rejected the marriage. Meanwhile, Jnanamba goes to the priest and asks him about the alliance for Rama. The priest later meets Yogi and suggests Jnanamba’s match for Janaki.

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Urmila watches depressed Janaki and consoles her. She gives the application for the Civils exam to Jaanu. Later, the priest calls up Jnanamba and informs her about the match. Jnanamba happily comes home. How will Jnanamba react upon learning about the bride, is to be watched in the next episode?

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