Spoiler Alert: Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode April 12: Jnanamba Depressed

 - Sakshi Post

After Yogi’s boss agrees to send him to the US from office, Urmila condemns his decision. She tells him that Janaki will feel lonely if they moved to America. Urmila confirms that she will stay with Jaanu in India only.

Meanwhile, Rama’s family feels sad as his marriage was cancelled. The next day, Rama feeds offers dosa to his mother with his own hands over her refusal to eat anything. Later, Rama and Janaki feel low over their problems. Jnanamba calls the priest and gives him money. She orders him to get an alliance for Rama within 15 days.

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The next morning, Yogi gets busy with the death ceremony of his parents. The priest who conducts the rites tells Janaki that henceforth, Yogi will be her guardian and she has to respect his opinion. What decision will Yogi take to look after Jaanu is to be watched in the next episode.

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