Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode 23 April: Will Jnanamba Discover Truth About Jaanu's Education?

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Shravani asks Yogi what he told Jnanamba to agree to the wedding. Yogi explains that he told Jnanamba that Jaanu has not studied anything. Shravani feels emotional and leaves their home saying that no girl should have a brother like Yogi.

Meanwhile, Rama feels excited that Janaki is going to become his wife. He talks to her photo and mentions the necklace he bought which was selected by Janaki.

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Jaanu feels sad as she has to stop studying after marriage. Urmila tries to convince her to study IAS after the wedding. But Jaanu explains that Rama is the only person in the family who is not educated. Urmila then loses her temper and confronts Yogi for hiding the truth about her education.

On the other hand, Jnanamba and her husband visit Sunanda. She gets furious when Sunandha insults Rama Chandra and his background. Jnanamba then hands over the wedding card to Sunanda and tells her about Janaki. To see how Sunanda reacts after seeing Jaanu’s photo is to be watched in the episode.

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