SPB Is Stable And His Family Are No Longer Nervous!

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Legendary singer, SP Balasubramaniam, had to be admitted into MGM hospital, Chennai, as he contracted Covid-19 disease. In the beginning, the singer himself released a selfie video asking his well-wishers to let him take rest and "not to bother" about calling him. He said that the virus attack was "mild" and he would be discharged in two to three days time. 

But the things have taken an ugly turn and the singer had to be shifted to an ICU. His condition continued to be "critical" for over a week time. It prompted many celebrities to organise a "Zoom" prayer session on 21st August, in the evening time. 

All the prayers and wishes have given strength to visibly scared family members of the singer. SP Charan his son in an emotionally nervous tone said, "All these prayers shouldn't go to waste, if the God has any conscience. I believe my father will recover soon to thank you all for this love!" 

He released a recent video update about SPB's health condition. He looked more relaxed than before and said, "By God's Grace and because of all your prayers, best wishes, my father's health condition is Stable and not critical. His vitals have been stable and doctors won't use those words lightly. We are not hoping for a miraculous two or three day recovery. We know it is a long road and my father will definitely pull through this. I am ... in fact, we are thankful to all your wishes and prayers. Please keep them coming!" 

The legendary singer is still on a ventilator but doctors have said that he is fighting kung infection and is Covid free, in their latest health bulletin. We hope and wish to see him recover soon. 

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