Singer Sunitha Strongly Objects Rumours About Her And Bigg Boss

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Season 4 will start going on air from 6th September and Nagarjuna will introduce all the contestants in the first episode with less fanfare than the previous seasons.

The list of contestants, as per leaks and sources, includes actor-singer Noel Sean, youtubers Haarika 'Dhethadi', Mehboob 'Dil se', serial actress Thanuja Gowda. Few sources and rumours came out that Singer Sunitha Upadrastha will join the show too.

She strongly condemned the rumours and said that she won't join the show ever. She has no ambition to act on screen or participate in shows.

The singer has many fans who want to see her as an actress on TV or on big screen but she has been staying away from any such experiments. She likes the compliments that people shower on her beauty but she is comfortable exploring her vocal talent than acting chops.

Sunitha also said that she doesn't feel comfortable with cameras all the time around her and she cannot stay away from her kids. Hence, she won't join the show in future also. Let's wait for the show runners to reveal the contestants list on the opening day.

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