Shweta Your Mic Is On Memes Are Hilarious, Check What Really Happened

 - Sakshi Post

Nowadays, it is very hard to guess what is going viral on social media. Currently, it’s the name of a girl ‘Shweta’ that has got everyone talking online. If 2019 immortalised Srujana and 2020 Binod, Shweta is giving a stiff competition in 2021.

In case you’re wondering who is Shweta or why she’s going viral, the answer to that is a leaked Zoom call of an online class where a girl named Shweta forgot to mute her mic. While that is one gaffe all of us have committed in the course of last year, it was her private discussion with a friend that went public and got people’s attention online.

In the video going viral, the girl continues to share some private details of a boy, who had asked her to keep it a secret. Fellow students try to warn her that her mic is on, but in vain.

Not only did the audio of the zoom call went viral across social media platforms from YouTube to Instagram, it also triggered a hilarious meme-fest online. On Instagram, desi users started to share memes to poke fun at the girl’s gaffe, adding that there is always a Shweta in every Zoom call who unwittingly give out all secrets.

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