Shweta Tiwari on Bigg Boss 15 Going OTT

 - Sakshi Post

The creators of Bigg Boss are making every bid to get the audience hooked to the upcoming season of the popular reality show. According to the latest news, it is being said that the reality show’s season 15 can air on the OTT platform before it starts airing on TV. That means those with a Voot subscription can enjoy it before anyone else.

It is being said that the first six weeks of Bigg Boss 15 will be aired on the OTT platform, Voot. The original TV release date is said to be in early October, but it will air before TV on the Voot app in August. Like last time, viewers will be able to watch the 24X7 live stream on the app along with the regular one-hour episode. We do not know what the makers will air on the app. There is no confirmation as to whether this will be normal episodes or will just lead us into the actual show.

Similar to last season, BB 15 is also likely to run for 6 months. The makers have many things planned for the show to make it interesting. 6 months is a long time and to ensure that the audience is hooked to the show for the entire period, the makers have decided to bring in a new wild card entry, every week. These entries are expected to spice things up in the BB house. It will start with 13 contestants with one new entry every week.

The makers are trying to make every bid to ensure the audience gets hooked to the show. Ex Bigg Boss contestant and winner of Bigg Boss 4, Shweta Tiwari spoke on this and shared that she is excited to see how everything works out. Plus she said that it will be good to see that the show will be airing earlier this time. It means you do not have to wait for few more months.

I am an avid watcher of Bigg Boss and I follow every season, shared Tiwari. That is why I am more thrilled for it to stream on the OTT platform, she said.

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