See How BB Telugu 2 Contestants Kaushal Manda, Geetha Madhuri Fighting With Each Other

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Kaushal Manda, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 2 and Geetha Madhuri who stood as the runner up of the show participated in a show, 'Chatter Box Chaitu'. In season 2, everyone expected that Geetha Madhuri would become the winner of the show just like everyone thought that Sreemukhi would lift the trophy in Season 3 but in a surprising way, both Kaushal Manda and Rahul Sipligunj have got an enormous support and they emerged out as the winners of the show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 and 3 respectively.

It is all known knowledge that Geetha Madhuri and Kaushik Manda used to fight with each other in the show. Kaushal used to fight with Geetha single handedly when everyone in the house supported the latter. In the season 2, Geetha Madhuri shocked everyone by nominating Kaushal for the entire season after she got immunity. However, this also turned in the favour of Kaushal.

Chaitu called Kaushal Manda and Geetha Madhuri for the show. Both of them attended the show but the entire episode was about their fights during their stay in the Bigg Boss house. Kaushal said that most of the people call him and Geetha, Tom and Jerry because they used to quarrel all the time.

As a part of a task in the show, Kaushal keeps his toy before the anchor completes the question. Geetha Madhuri says that she didn't like the way Kaushal is playing the game. Then Kaushal said that it was his strategy. Geetha Madhuri commented that he won Bigg Boss with his strategies. The whole episode was fun. Netizens are commenting that they have to come to the show to dig their old stories.

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