Sarpatta Parambarai Review, Rating: This Sports Drama is Arya's Career Best

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The audience has been waiting for the release of this film. Ever since the trailer came out, the anticipation has been high. The actors worked hard for this movie as they went through a physical transformation. Known for his detailed precision, understanding of the sport, and aligning his vision to the film, Pa Ranjith started prepping up for the project six months prior by undergoing boxing training to understand the nuances of the sport and make it look as realistic as possible.

All the actors went through training. The setting of this film requires the characters to be as realistic as possible. To look like the cast has come out of a 1970s North Madras setting, they underwent training and were on a strict diet. Arya did boxing training, cardio, and weight lifting.

Film: Sarpatta Parambarai

Director: Pa Ranjith

Cast: Arya, Dushara Vijayan, Pasupathy, John Vijay, John Kokken, Shabeer Kallarakkal 

Release: Amazon Prime


Set in the 70s, Sarpatta Parambarai is not just a regular sports movie about boxing. It also showcases the culture, and lives of the boxing clans that existed in North Madras. Ali-Sonny Liston’s life was paid tribute in this film. Not just his boxing career, but also the activism part.

At the centre of the story lies two rival clans - Sarpatta and Idiyappa, who are constantly locking horns in a duel for the pride of their respective clans. The film, with a backdrop of sports, illustrates the nuances of an era that was rife with cultural and societal changes.

The three-hour-long film stumbles at few places. There are a few subplots that were not impactful. The pace of the film should have been maintained better. But as the actors have performed well and commit to the role of a boxer, they look authentic; the fights look authentic. Where the movie might fail at few places and with the subplots, the fight scenes make up for it.

Overall it is a good watch where fans have termed it Arya's best. 

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