Rhea's Chats With Mahesh Bhatt Contradict Her Earlier Statements

 - Sakshi Post

Rhea Chakraborthy talked about how much she loved Sushanth Singh Rajput and how he is the one, who drived her away from his life. She stated that she got depressed because of him leaving her for his family, especially his sister, who was hostile towards her from the beginning.

But the new evidence suggested that she was advised by director, Mahesh Bhatt to leave Sushanth Singh Rajput, supporting her father. Apparently, Rhea's father did not like the attitude of Sushanth Singh Rajput towards life and feared that his illness could take a toll on his daughter.

He wanted Mahesh Bhatt to explain it to Rhea and on 10th June, before the death by suicide of Sushanth Singh Rajput, she left him and texted the same to the legendary director. She addressed herself as Aisha, her character from their film, Jalebi.

Mahesh Bhatt replied to her that father will be very happy for taking this decision. She thanked the director for saving her life, the second time like her guarding angel.

So, this means her claims to have always been in love with Sushanth and her family being extra protective or friendly with him, all turn out to be false & fake. Her lawyer tried to present the case as the deceased actor's impulsive decision to end the relationship but here, the new evidence, whatsapp chat of Rhea with director, Mahesh Bhatt says an altogether different version to it. Let's wait for CBI to uncover more new evidence in the case. 

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