RGV's Next Non-Fictional Story Of Allu Aravind

 - Sakshi Post

Ram Gopal Varma has announced his next film titled ‘Allu’. All of our Telugu audiences can easily recognize the surname ‘Allu’. He is Allu Aravind one of the top producers in Tollywood. RGV announced his next project as ‘Allu’ with a series of tweets. Currently, all the film shoots were stalled due to ongoing pandemic. It seems like RGV is in no break releasing back to back controversial films on digital platforms. As there are no new movie releases and movie buffs have shifted their focus towards digital platforms, RGV is encashing it.

He also tweeted: "Like some are thinking in reality “Allu" is not a non-fictional film I am not doing to take revenge for calling me Nikrushtudu and I swear this on my love for the family. In “Allu” I will not, not say that it will not, not have a theatre mafia, selling party tickets, back biting politics and causing problems between loving brothers."

A couple of years back, Allu Aravind termed Ram Gopal Varma as a ‘Nikrustudu’ (wretched person). RGV has now declared that he is not taking revenge on the person who called him a despicable guy. More details about the film will come out soon.

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