RGV's Dangerous India's First Lesbian Crime Action Film

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Tollywood's popular director, Ram Gopal Varma, aka RGV, is back with his upcoming controversial film, Dangerous. The film previously sparked controversy when RGV initially shared the film's poster, for which he was heavily ridiculed by netizens for inaccurately depicting lesbian experiences.

Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguli play lesbians in the film. It is the first lesbian criminal action film in India. RGV released a series of tweets regarding the film's updates.

His post reads, " For all moralists out there, here’s a hard reminder that Section 377 has been repealed legitimising same sex relationships ..DANGEROUS will be 1st feature film in India to make use of Blockchain and be sold as an NFT….Launching RgvCoin Soon.. Trailer releasing today 5 pm"

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"Best thing about legitimising SAME SEX  relationships is that now FILM MAKERS will have multiple options for their LOVE STORIES …
DANGEROUS is an intense love relationship between  @NainaGtweets and  @_apsara_rani  LOVE IS LOVE,NO MATTER BETWEEN WHOM" tweeted RGV

Here is the trailer:

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