Reel Life Baddie Sonu Sood Is Real Life Hero Of The Year 2020

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The man who has stunned the audience with his performance on-screen has also left everyone speechless with his work, off screen. Sonu Sood who is famous for his negative roles in films like Singh Is Kinng, Dabangg and Simmba became a real life hero of India.

The actor did not leave a single stone unturned. When the pandemic hit the world and with it our country India also implemented lockdown, the actor provided his help to people. In March 2020, thousands of migrant workers were left stranded in different cities with no means of transport. The workers that rely on public transport like buses and trains had no means to travel back to their villages.

Sonu Sood came to their aid. From migrant workers to health care personnel, this amazing Indian came to the rescue of every person he could. Many people tagged him as the “Messiah.”

Buses For Migrant Workers

Due to the lockdown many migrant workers were stranded and had nowhere to go. They wanted to leave for their hometowns and villages but had no means to do so. They had no work and no money. Sonu Soodhelped them by arranging buses for these workers. He got permission letters from the respective state government, arranged buses and food for the workers. He also made sure that these workers get their health check-up done.

Many workers from Mumbai were able to reach Bihar, UP and other states  

Toll Free Helpline Number

The actor launched a toll-free helpline for the aid of migrant workers. Apart from arranging buses, he also made sure that if these workers have any other problem; they can share it through this number. He realized that there are still many workers who might need help, so he ended up launching a toll free number. Solutions were provided to anyone who called.

Food Donation Drive

In partnership with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Sonu Sood organized a food donation drive. Under Shakti Annadanam drive he helped around 45,000 people every day, especially people living in slums or Dharavi of Bandra, Juhu and other areas.

Helped Health care workers

When a situation like COVID-19 hits the nation, the ones that work the most are health care workers. These medical experts have to work extremely hard to serve and treat the patients who are affected by the virus. To help these medical workers, Sonu Sood opened his hotel to them. His hotel in Juhu, Mumbai was open to health care workers, medical experts who travelled from far and would probably need a place to stay.

Scholarship For Aspiring Kids

On Nov 28, 2020, Sonu Sood announced a scholarship program under which needy students can fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor. In association with ISM EDUTECH, he launched the program. Anyone who wants to apply can do so, on the website http://SONUISM.ORG.

Apart from the things we mentioned above, he even arranged for 177 women who were stuck in Kerala to head back to their hometown Odisha. This amazing actor has done so much that calling him a ‘Messiah’ or ‘Real Life Hero’ will be completely justified. He is now working on a new initiative for senior citizens. 

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