Ram Gopal Varma Releases Murder Movie Trailer Today

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HYDERABAD: Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma on Tuesday released the trailer of his upcoming film 'Murder'. RGV released the trailer at 9

am on Monday.

The trailer runs for 2.13 minutes and has over 2.4 lakh views till now.

RGV's 'Murder' story is based on the true-life incident of the murder of Dalit guy Perumalla Pranay who had married Amrutha of upper caste, and

he was later killed by his father-in-law Maruthi Rao in 2018.

The director had earlier said that this film is not based on Amrutha and Pranay's story but only highlights the love and emotions between father

and his daughter.

As said by RGV, the trailer entirely revolves around the father-daughter story. The director highlighted the trailer with a background score without

words. The director combined the trailer with a set of questions to the viewers like: Is it wrong to love children? Is it wrong to punish the children

if they make a mistake?, and the director of the movie asked the viewers to answer the questions.

This movie features Srikant Iyengar playing the father's role and Sahithi is playing the role of Amrutha Pranay. This movie is directed by Anand

Chandra, and is presented by Ram Gopal Varma. Murder movie is being produced by Natti Kranthi and Natti Karuna.

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