Rajinikanth Was Once Humiliated At AVM Studios

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Rajinikanth - Does this name needs any introduction? Obviously, a big No. He is a person who achieved the status of a superstar with his hardwork. The growth of 'Thalaiva' is incredible and phenomenal. He has seen many ups and downs in his career. Starting out as a bus conductor and later emerged out as not only one of the strong actors but also as a highest paid stars. His journey is an inspiration for most of the folks. His on-screen performances and off-screen simplicity has earned him fans across the globe.

Rajinikanth started his career in 1975 with a small role in the film, Apoorva Raagangal, directed by K Balachander. The 'Shivaji' hero played as an antagonist in his early films. Today, he is one of the most popular figures in south cinema but back in the 1970s, he was not famous. During the audio launch of Darbar in January 2020, he shared an incident with his fans. He opened up about how he was shamed by a producer at an EVM Studios. Rajinikanth said that a producer approached him for one of his movies and the actor agreed for Rs. 6,000 for his role. It was a good character and he had asked him to give him an advance of Rs 100 or Rs 200. But the producer told him that he would pay him Rs 1,000 later.

On the day of the shoot, Rajinikanth went to AVM Studios but the production manager didn't pay him and asked him to apply the make-up. But he refused to go for make-up until he gets his money. After some time, the producer of the movie came to the studio in an ambassador car and Rajini was still waiting without wearing the makeup.

The producer got angry and asked him, "Are you a big artist or what? Just because you had done a few films, won't you sit for make-up without advance? No character for you. Get out." Later, Rajinikanth asked the manager to drop him from where he has been picked up but they refused. The superstar said that he had no money and walked his way out of the AVM Studios. Then he took an oath that, "If I do not come back to AVM Studios in a foreign car, then I am not Rajinikanth."

After two years, he became a big star and he paid Rs 4.25 lakh to purchase the Italian made Fiat car which was owned by AVM Studios' owners. He further added that he felt proud and thought that a foreign car needs a foreign driver. So, he hired an Anglo-Indian driver named Robinson. He ordered Robinson to take him to AVM Studios and the driver parked the car, Rajinikanth got down the car and smoked a 555 cigarette. Many people thought that the Governor had come. He went to meet K Balachander at his home in Alwarpet. He stressed the point that one cannot survive in the industry with hard work but one has to be in right place, time, and should have the blessings of the people.

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