Punit J Pathak On His OTT Debut LSD – Love Scandal and Doctors On ALTBalaji & ZEE5

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Punit J Pathak, who dreamt of being a cricketer to becoming an ace choreographer, has done it all. The newly married groom and talented choreographer turned actor, Punit J Pathak is all set to make his OTT debut with LSD – Love Scandal & Doctors as a dashing cop. When spoken to him about his show, he said…

Tell us about LSD - Love, Scandal & Doctors

LSD - Love, Scandal & Doctors talks about five medical interns in the KMRC medical college in Delhi, a premier medical institute. The story starts when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation—struggling between right and wrong and fact versus fiction. Here they are tested on both personal and professional aspects.

Tell us something about your character.

I am playing the instrumental role of inspector Tavish Singh. I love it because this character has; no one knows what he feels because he always filters his emotions. Sometimes smiling, sometimes smoking, sometimes serious, sometimes sarcastic, so it is multilayered. Usually, characters are just 2 or 3 faced, but this man has many faces. He has a personal equation and reaction with every doctor, so that is the best part, and I loved playing this character, and with the equipped team of great writers and directors, I was able to portray Tavish effortlessly. I am looking forward to the audiences' reaction to the same.

How did you spend the lockdown? How did the show land in your kitty?

Like everyone else during the lockdown, I was also trying everything the world did, Yoga, meditation, cooking, Dalgona coffee, work out, "Jhaadu Pocha", trying to read, watch series, cleaning wardrobe, and all. I also got engaged, got some time to think for myself and give myself a reality check, and realized it was time to take the next step, that was the primary thing. While this was happening, I got a call from ALTBalaji saying they are doing this show, and this is the script there is this character we want you to play. I gave the audition over the phone, and actually, there was another show of ALTBalaji for which I got selected. I then spoke with the makers of the show, and they convinced me it was necessary, it would be given and take, and how much ever they wanted me in the front. I think it will help me in my career. I liked that it was not one way, I enjoyed being a part of it because when the show came in, it was challenging, it was new, and this role had nothing related to dancing, being a cop, being in character, I loved every aspect of it.

What brought you on board for this series.

The excitement of this multilayered character, plus me wearing a uniform, gave me a different feeling and attitude to play Tavish. I loved wearing a uniform.

How is married life treating you?

So far very good, I honestly don't think it has sunk in. It is still me spending time with my best friend, that is the best part, so far so good, all cool, all nice. The best part about her and me is we respect giving each other's' space. It is beautiful to come back home and have your loved one next to you.

What is the USP of LSD - Love, Scandal & Doctors?

USP is a thriller and very well written, the writing is the USP, and it leaves you in a cliffhanger after every episode, which makes the audience want to watch the consecutive episodes.

Did you go through any physical transformation for this role?

Yes. I did cut down a lot, I was in that phase where I wanted to take care of myself, I was already in the process, and I knew the uniform would be fitted so I did tone down and I am pretty much convinced with my look.

Will we see you doing more such roles?

I will work, whatever work I do in my life I give my hundred percent, in fact, I will do more than my 100%. here's a part of my fan following who always pushed me to act, but the choreography, dancing, judging being my bread and butter always pushed me to take projects that involved my passion. For those who wanted me to do strictly acting, this is their answer and I hope I fulfill their expectations. I am definitely up for more when something comes my way.

What preparations have you done for your character in the show?

Tavish being the role of a dashing cop, I felt like I have a responsibility as an artist so I made sure I don't mug up the lines I said it in my own way, there is always a personal touch. Here I am interrogating 5 medical interns, who are suspects of a murder, they are my junior's age, and experience-wise I always pictured them as my students or assistants checking whether what they are doing is right or wrong. The lines and script and storyline are from the story writer as Tavish, but the feeling is of Punit the choreographer who is checking on his assistants or students so there is a little bit of choreographer Punit mixed with Tavish.

How was the experience working with the costars?

I loved working with all of them, I had a different equation off camera with them all amazing, beautiful, truly talented, and they will have bright futures and are yet to reach their max potential and will definitely shine. They will do it as soon as possible because they are truly talented and hardworking.

What are your expectations from the show?

How it is going to be received is not in our hands and I am from that school of thought that you give your hundred percent and there is no point worrying about something that isn't in your hand. I do want the show to be fabulous. Yes, I want it to be trending I want people to love it so much so that a season 2 is immediately done. Many shows are getting that love and respect, and I want this to be one of them. We have given our hundred percent and that is all that we could've done since it was shooting the show with all the necessary precautions and limited units it is a tremendous team effort.

What is your take on nepotism?

With all due respect to everyone is a highly competitive world, but if my son wants to be a choreographer or dancer, he has the genes, and I have the experience to do everything I can to do what would help him. I feel nepotism is overrated; for example, a shop owner will hand over his business to his son.

Do you think OTT platforms are the future of entertainment industry?

Yes, OTT platforms are the future, the way things are going, which is very close to becoming the present. Our generation and people in metro cities are used to it. It just needs to reach rural areas a bit more, but it will soon be there.

Tell us about your upcoming projects apart from 'LSD – Love Scandal & Doctors' 

I want to talk about our show 'LSD – Love Scandal & Doctors' at the moment. I would be working on some exciting projects soon.

Stay tuned to ALTBalaji and stream LSD – Love Scandal & Doctors on 5th February!

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