Prema Entha Madhuram Spoiler Alert Today's Episode April 19: Anu, Meera Exchange Dresses

 - Sakshi Post

Rajini tries to stop Anu’s parents from going to the function. She tries to make them uncomfortable with her words but Subbu stops her and gets angry at her. Rajini leaves and Anu's parents leave for the event.

Meera plays some drama and makes Anu give her the sari. Meera tells Anu that she will order a new dress for Anu from the nearest boutique. Later, Anu meets all the people gathered at the function in the same dress. Meanwhile, Anu saves Mansi from getting electrocuted.

Mansi first gets angry at Anu as she pushed her. She realizes after Anu explains that there are current wires which are left open and she pushed her to save Mansi from getting electrocuted.

Then, Mansi sees the birthday cake and feels something missing and asks Neeraj to find it. She tells Neeraj that the age is missing on the cake and asks Sharada Devi about that. Mansi then tries to guess Sharada Devi’s age. How will Arya Vardhan react after seeing Meera in a sari he gifted to Anu is to be watched in the next episode.

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