Prema Entha Madhuram Spoiler Alert Today's Episode April 16: Arya to Introduce Anu To Family 

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Meera feels tensed as Anu and Arya are getting close. Jhende advises Meera to forget Arya and move on. A determined Meera plans to make Sharada Devi believe her to be the woman Arya loves. Meera calls Anu and tells her to make arrangements for the function first. Furthermore, she suggests her to change into sari later and picks up Anu in her car.

As Sharada Devi finds the Rajanandini sari missing, she asks Mansi and Neeraj if they saw it. Mansi pretends to be hurt about Sharada Devi blaming her.

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Sharada Devi feels disappointed as she wanted to give the sari to Arya’s fiancée. Arya assures her that she will see the woman he loves in the sari that she would like.

When Meera and Anu arrive at the function venue, Anu feels excited while imagining herself wearing the sari and being taken by Arya to introduce her to Sharada Devi. How will Sharada Devi react after meeting Anu as Arya's partner is to be watched in the episode.

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