Prema Entha Madhuram Spoiler Alert May 4: Arya And Anu Celebrate Ugadi Together

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Anu hurries to Arya's guesthouse where he is resting. Arya gets angry seeing Anu but later is stunned to see her in the traditional attire. He asks why Anu came to the guest house.

She tries to cool him and hands over the mood diary to him. Arya misunderstands Anu for giving the diary back. But Anu tells him that she has written sorry in the diary. Arya scolds her for not wearing the sari that he gave her on Sharada Devi’s birthday. He expresses his disappointment as he wanted to introduce her to Sharada Devi in a respectful manner.

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Later, Arya and Anu reunite and Anu asks Arya to come to the office. Meanwhile, Anu arranges for the puja and prepares Ugadi pachadi.

Everyone in the office dressed in their traditional attire. Neeraj reaches the office and phones Anu asks why she did not come to the office yet. What answer will Anu give is to be watched in the episode. 

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