Prashanth Varma's Clarification About 'Zombie Reddy' Controversy

 - Sakshi Post

Director Prashanth Varma who scored hit films like 'Awe' and the recently released 'Kalki' is all set to come up with a movie on the coronavirus pandemic. 

The director has released the title of the film as 'Zombie Reddy' with the caption 'Revenge of the Dead'. But, the title has landed the film in a huge controversy now. A group of people have raised some objections regarding the title. The film's production banner Apple Tree Studios has unveiled the teaser of the film and the people started objecting to the title. However, Varma tried to convince saying, "We don't mean to hurt their feelings. We are making a movie about a pandemic with Kurnool backdrop. The film will showcase Kurnool people's triumph against the pandemic. Don't misunderstand the film based on the title. Just like how 'Awe' got national recognition, I am hoping the same with 'Zombie Reddy'. 

Raj Shekar Varma under Apple Tree Studios is bankrolling this film. Mark K Robin is scoring music for this movie and Anith is cranking the camera.

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