Popular Director Scripting For Dil Raju's Next?

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Writers who have turned into directors always have a back-up option to turn into writer for another director on producer's behest or a star's "request".  Several producers enjoy a good rapport with young writers and directors, whom they can ask for any kind of favours.

One such favour has turned Anil Ravipudi into a script writer again for a film produced by Dil Raju, suggest new reports. The director started off his career as a writer and he used to work with Srinu Vaitla, the master of comedy entertainers.

Director himself said that he understood some techniques of Srinu Vaitla in handling comedy and he tries to adapt them into his work as well. Right now, he is busy writing two scripts, say reports.

One is sequel to his F2, F3 with same cast and another one is his tribute to ultimate comedy director of Telugu Cinema, Jandhyala. He took inspiration from Jandhayala's highly successful Naalugu Sthambalata film and turned into a hilarious confusion comedy, say reports.

He will be giving this script to Trinadha Rao Nakkina, who directed Cinema Choopistha Mava, Nenu Local, Hello Guru Prema kosame, written by Bezawada Prasanna Kumar. Trinadha Rao has two projects in his hand and one, his regular writer is working and on the other, he is taking Anil Ravipudi's help.

Details about casting and when the production of the film will likely start, are expected to be announced by Dil Raju by the end of September, if Covid cases reduce. Most probably Ravi Teja and another young hero, might play leading roles with two in-demand actresses!

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