Police Arrest The Sharp Shooter Sent To Kill Salman Khan

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Salman Khan has become the Most loved "Bhai of Bollywood" in the past decade with numerous hits. But the actor in the past was aggressive and at times, unstable as well. He has been alleged to run over people sleeping on footpath in Mumbai and recently, got acquitted from all the charges in the case. 

At another instance, he allegedly hunted Black bucks in Rajasthan with his co-stars Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu. While others have been acquitted of all charges, Salman Khan is still fighting the case as he is the main accused. 

He was sent to jail on remand in the case and he has to appear in front of court wherever it summons him to be present, regarding the case. Due to his non-acquittal from charges in this case, Bishnoi caste people in Rajasthan believe that the star hunted black bucks and they hate him for that. 

Bishnoi community prays to Black Bucks and treat them as Gods. Hence, hunting them is a crime in their eyes. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who belongs to this community hates Salman Khan for hunting Black bucks and he has been trying to kill him from past 5 years. 

He sent his main man, Sampath Nehra to Mumbai in 2018 to kill Salman but he failed. Hence, he gave supari to Rahul, a sharp shooter. This person came to Mumbai recently and conducted Recce, or in plain terms, hunted down the places suitable to shoot Salman to his death, from. Rahul confessed this to Faridabad Police as they arrested him in the murder case of Praveen, a young man from Faridabad. 

We must say Salman Khan got lucky twice as Lawrence Bishnoi, even from Jodhpur Jail is looking to hurt "Bhai".

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