Pawan Kalyan Fans Halt Trending To Respect Lost Lives In Kuppa

 - Sakshi Post

Pawan Kalyan is celebrating his 49th birthday on 2nd September 2020. His fans decided to conduct social welfare programs all over the Telugu states. Fans with political interest decided to take oath on their idol's birthday about their political careers and agendas. 

Social media fans decided to once again put up a record-breaking trend on his birthday like they did a few days before. All fans have planned to participate throughout the night to see the count reaches the highest possible number. 

They have even bettered their first 15 minutes and the first one, two hours numbers. All of a sudden, they heard the news about the demise of three Pawan Kalyan fans at Kuppam and many wanted to voluntarily discontinue trending. Finally, even official handles regarding trends on social media, announced that the trending has been canceled. 

Later, fans started asking other fans to be careful about their lives and prioritize their families than the actor. While they asked them to keep showing their love on their actor, they felt bad that Pawan Kalyan himself would feel responsible for his fans' deaths. 

Hence, they asked for a ban on cut-out and banners. Some reasoned that trying to better the previous year's height and show off their love in a huge manner, several fans were unable to identify the danger in such activities. They suggested a voluntary ban on these activities further, to avoid risks and tragedies. 

Pawan Kalyan has decided to help the families of his deceased fans from Chittoor and his Vakeel Saab producers announced Rs. 2 lakh compensation to families of the deceased fans, each. Fans of Pawan Kalyan have decided to collect funds and transfer to the families and from Janasena's office, some money will go to the families soon. 

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