No Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 16, Says Salman Khan

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Salman Khan is back as the host of the reality show Bigg Boss 16. The actor is all excited and is looking forward to the game as it has new twists and turns. It will air on Colors from October 1. Salman Khan will be appearing on the show on Friday and Saturday. The Free Press Journal was present at the show’s event. Excerpts from a conversation with the superstar

I have come to Bigg Boss only playing the game; I have played the game in the right way from the beginning. When I started Bigg Boss people used to play the game in the right pattern. Then when people saw this game later, they played the game like a professional, and played a false game. They thought that this game was understandable, so they started playing a false game. They feel like we can’t see them. But we see everything. Then when he is blamed he accuses Bigg Boss and the channel. So the system of this show is not parcelled in one sided way. Our show is fair and it has to be seen that we do not cross any limits. We try to bring real personality to the show.

What kind of change do you see in your personality after hosting Bigg Boss?

I haven’t seen any change in me. Yes, I just started doing more of the good things and doing less of the bad things. It’s a big and important change to make. For this it needs loads of sacrifices to be made as well.

Bigg Boss comes with the good, bad and ugly. How much has it affected you?

There is nothing ugly here. Sometimes it grinds me off. Some people go outside the limit, so I have to bring them within their limits. I have to cross my limits because you guys watch for an hour, many things have to be cut and then you don't know what the atmosphere inside the house is. It happens, sometimes it seems that Salman has spoken or reacted more, but we know what level they (contestants) have reached. At that time one has to be fair, it has to be told that that person cannot cross his limit, and this affects the contestants not me as I have many other problems to deal with. I just do and am out.

Every year, there are speculations that you are not hosting the show...

Sometimes I cry out that I should not do it, but then they don’t have any option. I know that they will come to me forcibly. (Laughs) Many reality show hosts have been replaced. Kash mera replacement hota par nahin hai.

There are many more reality shows coming up. Do you think there is more competition in the market?

There are many more shows in the market, so there is a lot of competition for Bigg Boss. The more the competition, our levels will increase. If the level of the show increases, the level of TV will increase. Competition only ups the show, it does not decrease. It just has to be done in a healthy way always; you just do not need to try to cut off anyone.

If they pay me this huge an amount I will stop working for this lifetime. But I am sure that someday they will pay me that amount. Even if I get it, it just vanishes. I have many such expenses like lawyer’s fees. One Salman brings money and the other Salman takes away, I am not even getting one fourth of a thousand. When you mention such big amounts it also alerts the income tax and the ED and they will come to search my house.

Courtesy: Free Press Journal

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