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By Satya Pamula

In most South Indian states, especially Telugu states, Students take 2 entrance tests to get into Engineering streams!! First to get admission into Coaching centers. Then into JEE / Engineering entrance tests !!! Same with the novel first then watch the movie !!

After Watching Manirathnam Ponniyin Selvan 1 for good 170 minutes, I can’t recall, recollect or relive what was happening on the screen!! Same feel with my fellow audiences who have not read the historical fiction novel by Kalki Krishnamurthy !!

With so many characters coming in and out of the 70 mm screen with tongue twisting names ( yes it's history… So can’t help) I personally felt Mani Ratham garu didn’t do the CINEMATIC justice to the great CHOLA EMPIRE or to the greatest novel 

Portraying and presenting one of the greatest Novel visually with sound and music is an art , at which Mani Ratnam flattered  with his sluggish pace and incoherent story telling.  There is hardly any scene or moment which gives goosebumps in the entire movie !!  Audience will be wondering why Princess Trisha is in Madurai and not in Tanjore with his father , Prince Vikaram is wandering …and many more ( unless you read the book !!)

Cholas are India’s greatest kings and possessing  the largest fleet ever . There was an ample scope to show CHOLAS valor but it never happened in the movie . The fights looks below ordinary and climax fight is a big let down .

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With so many inter region and religion  fights, palace politics happening at  the time PS1 Failed to create and establish any emotional quotient!!

May be Mani Ratnam followed the Novel narration blindly …but on Screen it looks bland.

If you want to enjoy what’s happening , suggest to read the novel first then book your tickets!! I know it’s asking for too much  

Btw Karthi, Vikram, AIshwarya Rai and Trisha were treat to watch ( acting and personalities)

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