Netizens Abuse Bala For Arjun Reddy Remake!

 - Sakshi Post

Arjun Reddy in Telugu created a huge sensation. The movie became even bigger hit in Hindi as Kabir Singh but in Tamil, Adithya Varma did not repeat the similar success. 

Movie released very late as the producers had to reshoot it again from scratch after making one version with legendary director Bala of Tamil Cinema. Chiyaan Vikram decided to give the movie to his son, Dhruv Vikram as he cannot do it, himself. 

He asked director Bala to be at the helm and the director announced the remake as Varma. Movie teaser did not win hearts of the public but E4 Entertainment production house supported Bala. 

Later they announced scrapping of the version and remade it with Gireesaya, associate of Sandeep Reddy Vanga, original director. This movie made many question them and even say that Vikram did not show respect to his first big hit Sethu director, Bala. 

Now, the film released on Simply South and Shreyas ET ATT platforms. Varmaa scenes are being trolled and the director is being abused on social media, especially for Caesarean scene and another one with the girl being asked to pray to Dhruv's male organ. 

Well, if anyone happens to watch them even accidentally, Bala's version of Arjun Reddy will make them lose respect on the filmmaker. 

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