Netflix Stream Fest: Huge Rush Causes Glitch, Weekend Binge Watch Plans Spoil

 - Sakshi Post

Netflix announced a two-day StreamFest in India under which everyone will be able to avail free Netflix for two days, 5th and 6th. You can watch any Netflix for free in these 48 hours. But the overwhelming response that this event had got, resulted in certain issues.

This was Netflix care’s response on Twitter. "Due to the overwhelming response to StreamFest, you might be seeing the message “StreamFest is at capacity”. You could give us your email ID or phone number at and we'll let you know within the week when you can get your two days of free Netflix." 

It is best if you apply for the StreamFest on these two days, since 5th and 6th are decided days for the event. Later you can enjoy your two days as per the notification received by Netflix. This is what Netflix care added further, “Hey there, once you sign up for Streamfest we will notify you sometime within about the next week so you can start your free 2 days.”

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You will still be able to avail this offer but might have to wait. Once you sign in, Netflix will show you a message saying that the fest is at full capacity right now, we will notify you later. This means a user will be able to get their two-day free watch, but it will not be Saturday and Sunday. This sure can spoil the weekend binge plans people had made. Many might have decided to enjoy, stream-fest as a relaxation after week-long office work. 

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