Nepotism or Not Shilpa belives Destiny Is The Key!

 - Sakshi Post

Kangana Ranaut has been trying to make the Nepotism debate all about her with her hurtful and controversial statements. Her supporters are dividing celebrities in Bollywood as Pro-Kangana or Anti-Kangana groups. We don't know if the actress wants to keep the debate going in the same fashion which seems to yield less favourable results. 

But for now, it is apparent that she wants people to view as the poster lady of the Nepotism debate. But not all yesteryear leading actors especially, ladies are on her side of the debate. 

Raveena Tandon did not seem to support her but she did say that she had to fight groups that disliked her. Another popular actress from 90's, Shilpa Shetty also did not support Kangana's sentiments on the issue. 

She said that she believes it is all in the destiny of a person and her life was guided by it than just her desires. Even though she had to work hard for achieving success and stay popular for years, she believes it is all destiny that determined her path. 

She opined that even if someone has to face difficulties in their path, if the destiny is on their side, they can overcome all the obstacles and rise above the rest in the race. 

Fans of Kangana Ranaut, started calling her jealous of their idol and anti-Kangana. They are arguing that she is indirectly supporting the bigwigs of the Industry, with such statements. 

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