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Nenevaru is a romantic suspense thriller. Kola Balakrishna and Geet Shah are its hero and heroine, respectively. Nirnay Palnati has directed the movie, which was released in theatres today, that is, December 2, 2022. Bheemaneni Siva Prasad and Tanneeru Ram Babu have produced the movie. Sakshi Chaudhary, 'Baahubali' fame 'Kalakeya' Prabhakar, Tanishq Rajan, Raja Ravindra, DS Rao, Dil Ramesh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Venu, Sudarshan Reddy and Neeraja have played different roles.

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Krish (Kola Balakrishna) and Chitra (Geet Shah) are lovers. Due to a minor difference between the two, they go separate ways. The break-up in love deeply affects Krish, who goes into a state of mental depression. He spends his life narrating his tale of woes to people.

Around the same time, his maternal aunt, her daughter (Tanishq Rajan), a muscleman named GK ('Baahubali' Prabhakar) and his maternal aunt's aide get murdered one after another.

Who is behind the serial killings? Will Krish and Chitra patch up ever again? Will Krish overcome his addiction to alcohol and come out of depression?


The performances are also good. Kola Balakrishna has shown intensity.  Geet Shah is natural. Tanishq Rajan is also a good choice. The artist who played her mother is talented.

Sakshi Chowdhary, who played a cop, is good. The investigative portions feature her. Comedian Sudharshan Nellore played the hero's friend. After a box-office release like 'Like Share Subscribe', he got a decent role.

What's hot?

We see crime thrillers most of the time. Thrillers are mostly associated with crime. Why don't they make romantic thrillers often? The writers/directors would know it better. Perhaps, the genre is difficult to write. They also fear 'A' rating from the CBFC if there is a hint of steamy romance in a romantic thriller. Whatever it is, Nenevaru does itself a favour by choosing a rare genre in Telugu cinema.

The first half shows the hero as a depressed lover who is like a Devadas. The second half is where the film becomes a murder mystery. The thrills are good.

The crime elements go up in the pre-climax and climax phases. Here, the director makes the best use of the possibilities of the genre.

What's not?

The director tries his best to tell a gripping story. But his attempt is not perfect. Mixing love and suspense is not easy. There should have been better writing.


This film is a decent watch. RG Sarathee's music and Samala Bhaskar's cinematography help the film. Watch the film for the genre and the writing.

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